Group B2

Integrated Neural Circuits for Tactile Sensing

We propose to create and investigate a novel tactile sensor based on standard CMOS technology with the addition of a customized piezoelectric layer. The structure will yield spike firing patterns in response to a pressure stimulus. We also realize networks of oscillating silicon neurons operating on a biological time scale and study the effect of stimuli on the network dynamics. To eventually be able to better compare the response of artificial networks with biological ones, we set a track for accruing the necessary skills for recording local field potentials from reptiles and relating the technical and biological model domains.


Project Management
Prof. Dr. Robert RiegerDr. Adrian Petraru
Doctoral Researchers
Rafael AshkrizzadehBharath Kumar Singh Muralidhar
Associated Doctoral Researchers
Kamran Naderi Beni


CRC-colloquium on April 25, 2024: Rebekka Burkholz (CISPA): Video is online!


Next CRC-colloquium on Apr. 25, 2024: Rebecca Burkholz (CISPA Helmholtz Center for Information Security)


News from the ZEVS (CAU Kiel): Visit of the European Commission (Article only available in German - sorry!)