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Wave Digital Emulation of an Enhanced Compact Model for RRAM Devices With Multilevel Capability
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Bio-Inspired Information Pathways - From Neuroscience to Neurotronics (Book)
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Pathways towards truly brain-like computing primitives
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In-Grain Ferroelectric Switching in Sub-5 nm ThinAl0.74Sc0.26N Films at 1 V
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A Better SPQR-tree Decomposition of Electrical Circuits Containing Multiports and Its Application to Wave Digital Emulation
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Ferroelectric Size Effects on Statics and Dynamics of Domain Wall
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Scale-free Avalanches in Arrays of FitzHugh-Nagumo Oscillators
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A Reservoir Computer-Based Modeling of Hunting Dynamics in Predator-Prey Scenarios
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Synchronization Measurement Based on Poincaré’s Sphere
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Physics-separating artificial neural networks for predicting sputtering and thin film deposition of AlN in Ar/N2 discharges on experimental timescales
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Domain Wall Movement in Undoped Ferroelectric HfO2: A Rayleigh Analysis
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Trap-Assisted Memristive Switching in HfO2-Based Devices Studied by In Situ Soft and Hard X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy
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Neuromorphic acoustic sensing using an adaptive microelectromechanical cochlea with integrated feedback
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Characterization of the planarian surface electroencephalogram
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From Fully Strained to Relaxed: Epitaxial Ferroelectric Al1-xScxN for III-N Technology
Schönweger, G., Petraru, A., Islam, M.R., Wolff, N., Haas, B., Hammud, A., Koch, C., Kienle, L., Kohlstedt, H. & Fichtner, S.
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Ultrathin Al1−xScxN for Low-Voltage-Driven Ferroelectric-Based Devices
Schönweger, G., Islam, M.R., Wolff, N., Haas, Petraru, A., Kienle, L., Kohlstedt, H. & Fichtner, S.
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Modulating the Filamentary-Based Resistive Switching Properties of HfO2 Memristive Devices by Adding Al2O3 Layers
Mahadevaiah, M.K., Perez, E., Lisker, M., Schubert, M.A., Perez-Bosch Quesada, E., Wenger, C. & Mai, A.
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In-Depth Characterization of Switching Dynamics in Amorphous HfO2 Memristive Arrays for the Implementation of Synaptic Updating Rules
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Bio-inspired, adaptive acoustic sensor: sensing properties in dependence of feedback parameters
Lenk, C., Ved, K., Durstewitz, S., Gubbi, V., Ivanov, T., Hövel, P. & Ziegler, M.
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Bio-inspired, nonlinear and adaptive acoustic sensing – Study of sensor design
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Bio-Inspired Acoustic Sensor with Gain Adaptation Enhancing Dynamic Range and Onset Detection
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Brain-like critical dynamics and long-range temporal correlations in percolating networks of silver nanoparticles and functionality preservation after integration of insulating matrix
Carstens, N., Adejube, B., Strunskus, T., Faupel, F., Brown, S. & Vahl, A.
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Neuronal-like irregular spiking dynamics in highly volatile memristive intermediate-scale AgPt-nanoparticle assemblies
Carstens, N., Strunskus, T., Faupel, F., Hassanien, A. & Vahl, A.
Particle & Particle Systems Chacterization 2200131 (2022)

In Situ Laser Light Scattering for Temporally and Locally Resolved Studies on Nanoparticle Trapping in a Gas Aggregation Source
Drewes, J., Rehders, S., Strunskus, T., Kersten, H., Faupel F. & Vahl, A.
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Nanosensors Based on a Single ZnO:Eu Nanowire for Hydrogen Gas Sensing
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Wave Digital Emulation of a Bio-Inspired Circuit for Axon Growth
Jenderny, S. & Ochs, K.
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The impact of rapid thermalannealing for the ferroelectricity of undoped sputtered HfO2 and it's wake-up effect
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Structural plasticity driven by task performance leads to criticality signatures in neuromorphic oscillator networks
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Unknown input reconstruction from temporal activity patterns of thermosensitive neuronal ensembles using reservoir computing
Feketa, P., Schaum, A. & Meurer, T.
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In Proceedings of the 10th Vienna International Conference on Mathematical Modelling MATHMOD 2022, Vienna, Austria, 27–29 July 2022

‘One region to control them all'- the surprising effectiveness of network control theory in predicting post-stroke recovery from aphasia
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Wave digital model of calcium-imaging-based neuronal activity of mice
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Towards A Self-Organzing Neuronal Network Based on Guided Axon-Growth
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Towards Wave Digital Modeling of Neural Pathways Using Two-Port Coupling Networks
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The 2022 Plasma Roadmap: low temperature plasma science and technology
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Matter & Mind Matters
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TiO2/Cu2O/CuO Multi-Nanolayers as Sensors for H2 and Volatile Organic Compounds: An Experimental and Theoretical Investigation
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Accurate Program/Verify Schemes of Resistive Switching Memory (RRAM) for In-Memory Neural Network Circuits
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Prelimary work

Project related prelimary work can be found on the webpage of the Research Unit 2093 as well as on the webpages of the subproject management.


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